2020-2021 Season Registration is open both online and in person with Covid-19 Heath and Safety protocols

Good news among all the uncertainty is that we have been successfully reopened through this summer with strict health and safety measures in place. We would like to share our measures as the following to ensure that Epiphany of Dance is going to continue to be a safe environment to dance in!

Video’s available here: https://youtu.be/Wt934LupQZQ

Screening Upon Arriving At Our Facility

  1. Drop off: Parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the building except for the younger group (Tuesday 5pm and Saturday 9:30am classes). You will be dropping off your dancer and supervising them while they are waiting at the entrance to the building.  We have marked the sidewalk area outside the building entrance door so that physical distancing can be observed.
  2. Please be patient and our staff will come out to gather the dancers at the beginning of a session and escort them to the hallway.
  3. All individual dancers will be checked for temperature upon arrival and mask is required for entering/exiting our building.
  4. It is recommended that each dancer should bring as few items with them as possible.  Only bring those items that are required for your stay at Epiphany. In general, please try to arrive as ‘ready’ for dance and fun as you can so that we can limit the use of the change room as best we can.  Please also make sure that any personal bag you are carrying is labelled and that all of your items fit in the bag.  We will safely find a spot for these personal bags that are 2 meters apart from each other.  We will be diligent in sanitizing and cleaning surfaces but will also try to discourage unnecessary touching of surfaces.
  5.   To help, we will send another reminder to you with a list of suggested items that each dancer should bring with them along with our Screening Form, a few days before the start of your registered session, which to be brought /emailed back on the start date.
  6. All Epiphany of Dance staff will be wearing masks or shields while indoors.


Sanitization of Indoor Spaces, Dance Studios and Washrooms

  1. Frequently touched surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, sinks, barres, props,) will be disinfected between each class.
  2. All interior doors will be kept open except those of the washrooms and studios when they are in use.
  3. Only disinfectants that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or low-level hospital grade disinfectants will be used.
  4. Staff will wear appropriate masks or face shields inside when interacting with dancers or cleaning/sanitizing.
  5. Disposable towels and spray cleaners, or disposable wipes, will be made available to regularly clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces.
  6. Washrooms will be disinfected regularly and there will be one washroom designated for dancers and one washroom for staff.
  7. All staff and dancers are required to wash hands when they come into our facility.
  8. Dancers will wash/sanitize their hands before and after use and be instructed and reminded during the day (in between class) to wash hands and sanitize. 
  9. Young dancers are not to bring their dolls or other unnecessary personal belongings.
  10. Mask must be kept in the dancer personal bag when not in use and not to be disposed inside of our building.

Physical Distancing: Our Spactious Studio with 17″ high ceilling will make dancing safe!

  1. Inside of our facility:  floors are marked with arrows indicating one-way traffic (counter clockwise), All participants will follow the arrows to proceed once coming into our facility. .
  2. Restricted area to avoid crosse-overs: for areas that have Stop Signs means the dancers need to ask for their turns to go: areas such as washrooms and water fountains.
  3. Inside of studios: floors are marked in squares for physical distancing. In camp settings, each camper/teacher/volunteer will have the same square throughout the session and each square has 2 meters of separation to ensure physical distancing.

Management of Children with Symptoms of COVID-19 (we are required to include this protocol with our Guidelines)

If a child begins to experience symptoms of COVID-19 while at the facility:

  1. They will be immediately separated from others to a supervised area, away from other persons inside the facility, until they can go home. Whoever is supervising the child will maintain a distance of at least two meters.

We will need immediate pickup of the child by a parent or guardian.

  1. Parents/Guardians and local public health will be contacted to notify them of a potential case and seek advice regarding the information that should be shared with other parents/students.
  2. Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette will be practiced while the child is waiting to be picked up.
  3. Masks will be provided to the child for proper respiratory etiquette. The child and parent will dispose of mask after leaving the Dance Studio Facility.
  4. Environmental cleaning of any space the child was in contact with will be conducted once the child has been picked up.
  5. Other children and staff in the Dance Studio, who were present while a child or staff member became ill, will be identified as a close contact and grouped together. Parents and the local public health unit will be notified, and their direction will be followed.
  6. Children or staff who have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 will be required to stay home and self-isolate for 14 days.

2020 Summer Intensive program:August 17-August 28

This is a two weeks program designed for dancers at a competitive or/and pre-professional level. Daily schedule (9am-4pm) includes, ballet technique, pointe, classical repertoire, conditioning, jazz, contemporary, character dance, improvisation, swimming. There are two groups: A Junior ( age 9-11) B Intermediate (age 12-14). For registration please contact info@epiphanyofdance.ca

Intensive snap shot https://youtu.be/gGUvh7TV6xM

2020 Summer Disney Princess Themed Camp are still on with “EXTRAS”. Registrations are Open online!

Come to Epiphany of Dance’s Summer Princess Dance Camp where it will be a fun and exciting week filled with different kinds of dancing, singing, acting and swimming! Aimed for Children (4-12), this camp will be a unique experience filled with activities designed based on the character of a Disney princess. We aim to develop the campers into a confident performer. Date/Time: July and August 9am-4pm. Before/after care is available at additional cost. Camp fee: $295 Before July 1st. Registration can be done online and in person (starting July). Registration must be completed a week before your intended week. Before and after care is available from 7:30am/6pm at additional costs.

2020 summer camp EXTRAS

-Health protocols in pleace include social distancing: our spacious facilities will guarantee an appropriate space for each child, use of masks if still guided by health officials, dancers are only dropped off outside, dancing outside and set times for hand washing.

– We are adding pre k-grade 6 math and language subjects to our Princess daily schedule!

-We are also increasing our sibling and (adding ) referral discount for 50%!

on our way to swim
Arts and Craft time
Princesses singing and dancing